Apartment in Poland, Warsaw

The client wanted to get rather an austere uncluttered interior, using the noble dark shades and natural materials. The apartment was purchased with finishing from the developer, but the clients wanted to adjust the interior for themselves, which we finally did.
Apartment in Warsaw
Area: 170m2
We managed to save 70 percent of the layout solution, the remaining 30 per cent changed the general concept of the apartment dramatically.

For example, the bedroom is entered through the walk-in closet, between which I installed a slatted partition instead of walls. I kept the kitchen in the same place, but changed its design using a kitchen composition with low cabinets.

Originally the bathroom had a window, so I redesigned the plumbing arrangement, placing the most front part of the bathroom - the bath - closer to the window, placed the double sink in a wide, clean cut frame right opposite the entrance, and the toilet and bidet - in the most hidden back part.
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