Apartment in the Residential Complex Serebryany Bor

This project focuses on the Spanish style, very warm and southern. The clients are painting lovers and wanted to have it in the apartment, so we originally left a place in the design for placing paintings and made offsets for lighting.

A very interesting idea in the living room - panels up to the ceiling, which go into the rack and further crawl along the perimeter, this is all emphasized by the floating ceiling.
Residential Complex Serebryany Bor
Area: 80m2
The apartment is small enough with 3 windows and the client wanted 4 quarters.

At the same time, the family members spend most of their time in their rooms. Therefore, we gave up on the idea of a living room, and placed the kitchen-dining room in the center of the apartment, which leads into 3 separate bedrooms.

The master zone has a separate walk-in closet and a large bathroom.

Besides, we managed to accommodate 2 separate walk-in closets, a children's bathroom and a room for a boy and a girl.

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