Apartment in Residential Complex Neva Towers

The client saw the interior of his apartment in a hotel room style, so we were inspired by the images of his favorite five-star hotels. Textiles in dark shades, American walnut on the floor and in the wall decoration, combination of the latest lighting profile systems with a luxurious chandelier above the bar, an incredible artist-built hall with a magic mirror - all this creates a unique design for the apartment.
Residential Complex Neva Towers
Area: 55m2
We have kept 50% of the layout from the developer, keeping the kitchen and living room area almost unchanged, but the master zone has been completely redesigned. As a result, we highlighted the hall, kitchen and living room, as well as a single bathroom area without walls.

We succeeded in creating a feeling of maximum spaciousness with an area of 55 m2 only.
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