Apartment in the Residential Complex Horoshevo

The apartment is zoned for a family of four who really enjoy spending time together or with friends, so we aimed to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. To create a feeling of warmth, comfort and experience of nature, we used natural oak for the flooring, and taupe phoenix and American walnut for the facades.
Residential Complex Horoshevo
Area: 120m2
The client has two teenage children who plan to move out in the future. Therefore, it was decided to allocate them in one part of the apartment, and design the master zone and the living room in another part of it, so that after the children move, this space could be combined, and the kids' rooms will be replaced with one more master room.

We enter a beautiful piece, a posh kitchen with an island that flows into the dining and living areas. The master zone is located as far as possible from the kids' rooms and has its own walk-in closet with sliding partitions and a large master bathroom.
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